List of Documentations Needed for Petrocemical product Export

List of Documentations Needed for Petrochemical Business This question lies like the business relations between the exporter PSBITUMEN REFINING CO and the importer cooperating in two countries. Contrary to the domestic business, the commercial practices and legal systems are different in the two countries the exporter and importer are operating from. Therefore, to protect the respective interests of the exporter and the importer involved in export business, certain documentary formalities become essential. Such export documents facilitate the smooth flow of goods and payments there of across national frontiers. Export documents based on our business are divided into below items.

List of Documentations Needed for  Petrocemical product Export

Commercial Invoice :This is the first comprehensive export document in “PSBITUMEN REFINING CO" transactions. Commercial Invoice is a document of the goods specifications. Cargo details, price and shipment information is written on the packages of the commodities.

Shipping order “PSBITUMEN REFINING CO":shipping order is a copy of the shipper’s instruction sent to the shipping company. The shipping company is liable to issue B/L draft based on its details and available customs and export documents.

Draft of Bill of Lading (BL): Bill of Lading (B/L) is a document provided by the shipping company to verify that the mentioned commodities are either being shipped or have been shipped. This is also a commitment that shows that the similar commodities will be delivered to the consignee at destination. This will be done only if the specific freight is completely paid. Original Bill of Lading / Master Bill of Lading As mentioned above, BL is a document provided by the shipping company consists of the details of buyer, seller, origin, destination, type of goods, number of containers, seal number, net and gross weight and HS Code number. In some cases, the customer may ask for the stamped original signed BL provided by the shipping company which may be sent to them. BL can be tradable or non-tradable. In the first type, the BL holder may be the holder of the cargo who can trade it. Switch Bill of Lading

(SBL) :A Switch bill of lading is the second set of bill of lading that may be issued by the carrier (or agent) in exchange for the first set of bill of lading originally issued when the shipment was effected. Why does importer ask for a Switch bill of lading? Switch bills are requested generally when there has been a change in the original trading conditions. Some of the reasons could be: A. Goods could have been resold and the discharge port has now been changed to another port and this could have occurred as a high-seas sale. B. The seller (who could be an intending agent) does not wish the name of the actual exporter to be known to the consignee in case the consignee strikes a deal with the exporter directly. C. The seller does not want the buyer to know the actual country of origin of the cargo so they request that port of loading to be shown as some other ports.

House Bill of Lading HBL is provided by an NVOCC Operator or a freight forwarder to the customers. In HBL, the shipper and the consignee are the actual shipper and receiver of the cargo. Moreover, the HBL is also considered as a negotiable document which can fulfill the roles of BL.

CO: Certificate of Origin A certificate of origin (often abbreviated as C/O, COO or CO) is an export document used in international trade. In a printed form, it is completed by the exporter and certified by a recognized issuing body, attesting that the goods in a particular export shipment have been manufactured in a particular country.

COA Certificate of Analysis :Certificate of Analysis is a document issued by“PSBITUMEN REFINING CO" confirms that a regulated product meets its product specification. This export document commonly contains the actual results obtained from testing performed as part of quality control of an individual batch of a product.

Packing List “PSBITUMEN REFINING CO": packing list (also known as a bill of the parcel, unpacking note, packaging slip, (delivery) docket, delivery list, manifest or customer receipt, shipping list) is an export document which details the contents, and often dimensions and weight, of each package or container.

Inspection : International inspection is one of the critical components of incoterms. The supplier is usually in charge of providing the inspection unless the buyer is reluctant to have, or the volume of the loadings is low. Moreover, the buyer can himself coordinate with the international inspection company. If “PSBITUMEN REFINING CO" is committed to international inspection in the pre-issued invoice, the customer will receive daily inspection report through the international inspection company reports. The customer will also receive daily reports including film and photos taken by “PSBITUMEN REFINING CO" operation team in the port of loading. Each report and international inspection contains quality and quantity.

Different Types of Inspections : “PSBITUMEN REFINING CO" Inspector • IDF (Import Declaration Form) • GIS (Government and Institution Service) • PVoC (Pre-Export Verification of Conformity to Standards) • Certificate of Quality and Quantity by Third Party Inspector (SGS) • Certificate of Quality and Quantity by Third Party Inspector  • Certificate of Quality and Quantity by Third Party Inspector , “PSBITUMEN REFINING CO" Inspector Whether the sold commodity by “PSBITUMEN REFINING CO" has the international inspection or not, “PSBITUMEN REFINING CO" inspectors will be present from the moment the container is received to the moment the customs documents are delivered to the shipping line. “PSBITUMEN REFINING CO" operation team take proper photos and videos of empty and filled containers and commodities quality. These photos and videos will be sent instantly to“PSBITUMEN REFINING CO" head office. Every specific report of the loadings demanded by the customers is accepted “PSBITUMEN REFINING CO" without any charge. . Consequently, the form attached to the performa by the “PSBITUMEN REFINING CO" will be sent to the GIS agent in the loading port. SGS Company will allocate a unique job file to the buyer and seller. SGS and its GIS crew are present at the loading time in loading port and send reports directly to customs and inspection office in buyer. Certificate of Quality and Quantity by Third Party Inspector SGS or other inspection co , Certification of Quality and Quantity is an export document issued by a third-party inspector that confirms that a standardized product meets its product specification. This document commonly contains the actual results obtained from testing performed as part of quality control of an individual batch of a product. They send daily reports and inspections to the customers from everywhere. PS Bitumen Refining co as one of the dominant suppliers has always tried to cooperate with SGS & other inspection company according demand of customer  to provide its commodities accordant to their latest standards.

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